Transitioning Well

What can I do during this time of transition?

1) Pray

  • Pray for the leadership of Wellspring to lead godly and wisely
  • Pray for the interim pastor to faithfully serve during this time
  • Pray for the search team, that they would be faithful and diligent in their task
  • Pray for the membership of Wellspring to stay engaged and patient
  • Pray for the next pastor of Wellspring – God knows who he is

2) Get involved in the life of Wellspring during this time

  • Worship – regularly attend service
  • Learn – connect to a class and life group and grow spiritually
  • Relate – enjoy the fellowship of Wellspring in a variety of events and activities, get to know new people
  • Serve – find your niche in a ministry that suits you, and serve others
  • Give – remain faithful to financially support Wellspring as you are able

3) Be positive

  • Choose to see this time as a part of God’s plan for Wellspring
  • Ask God to help you see the good things He is doing in and through Wellspring
  • Encourage the leaders, teachers, and others here at Wellspring
  • Choose to understand leadership’s desire to move Wellspring forward and follow God’s leading for a new chapter in the life of our church

4) Step up

  • Recognize that this is a unique time in the life of the church and an opportunity for you to share in the work and ministry of the church
  • Explore opportunities and ways that you can serve – contact a ministry leader, pastor or elder.
  • Choose to take a step up in your attendance, your participation, your involvement, your prayer life, your giving, your personal, daily walk with God.

5) Grow

  • Consistently ask God to grow you in areas and ways that He knows you need
  • Find a friend you trust who will agree to partner with you and help you to discover the areas and ways that you can grow.
  • Deepen your dependence on God, seeking to find your security and significance in Him and not in any other thing, person or place.
  • Commit to a daily quiet time with God; reading his Word, praying and seeking His leading in every aspect of your life.