Read Psalm chapter 1

I have a tendency to waste time. I often find myself doing things that really don’t need to be done. There has been more than one occasion when we are trying to get somewhere as a family and I decide that I need to make a cup of coffee before we leave, or I start picking up the house, or right when I sit down in the van I remembered something that I need and I have to run back inside the house. Needless to say this drives Abi crazy! When I waste time like this what I am really doing is showing that I am not making our destination a priority. I am busy doing the things that I want to do instead of spending time on what is important.

This can also be true when we think about reading the Bible. It is so easy to get swept away with what we want to accomplish in each day that we forget about the importance of spending time in God’s Word. Our actions show what is truly inside our hearts. I want to encourage you to find a nice quiet spot in your house where you can read the Bible each day. I have found that our kitchen counter at 5am is my spot. The house is completely quiet and I can spend some time in the Bible while I eat my breakfast.