In November of 2009, the Wellspring Children’s Home in India was opened. It houses over 40 boys and their house parents. The boys were homeless and are now being cared both physically and spiritually. The home is supported by monthly giving by the members of Wellspring.

Wellspring Children’s Home
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Broken Hearts Ministries in Juarez, Mexico was our very first mission we supported as a church and we still support it today. Teams from Wellspring recently traveled to Juarez in 2014 and 2015 to do repair work on homes where needed and discipleship. Money is donated for food baskets at Christmas time for families that would otherwise go without.

Destino (CRU) in Los Angeles is supported by Wellspring. James and Liz Medina provide leadership and share the love of Christ to students on the campuses of USC and UCLA.

YWAM in Tijuana, Mexico with Alejandro is a recent mission we support.