Day 27

Read Luke 24:1-12

How many Easter sermons have you heard over the years? You know the story, right? When Peter saw the empty tomb he marveled. Jesus had defeated death.

Reflection: How will you respond when you hear, “He is not here, but has risen”? Has the “old, old story” become routine? Do you still marvel at the empty tomb?

Prayer Point: As you prepare to celebrate another Easter, pray that God would fill you with awe and worship as you not only consider the power of the resurrection, but its power to make you alive with Christ.

Families/Kids: Read The Jesus Storybook Bible: God’s Wonderful Surprise

Reflection: Do you think you would be scared if you saw an angel? The women who went to Jesus’ tomb sure were! What did they expect to see there? What didn’t they see?

Prayer Point: Ask God to make your heart as excited as Mary’s as you think about Jesus’ resurrection.