Day 23

Read Psalm 32

What a blessing to know that every transgression against God is forgiven and every sin–past, present, and future–is covered by the blood of Jesus!

Reflection: How do you feel when you know there is unrepentance and unconfessed sin in your life? How can you remind yourself of the joy and blessing that comes from resting in God’s grace?

Prayer Point: Bring any unconfessed sin before the Lord. Ask Him to help you repent. Praise Him that your sin has been forgiven and covered in Christ.

Families/Kids: Read The Jesus Storybook Bible: Washed with Tears

Reflection: Why did Jesus show so much love to the woman even though she was a big sinner?

Prayer Point: Tell God about the ways you’ve disobeyed and sinned (even though He already knows). Thank Him that He forgives and loves big sinners just like us!