Day 28

Read Luke 24:36-53 He has risen! How amazing to know that all God has done since the beginning of time and all God has spoken about in His word culminates in the person and work of Christ. Simply put, it’s all about Jesus. Reflection: Why must Easter not be a private celebration but a public profession… Read More ›

Day 27

Read Luke 24:1-12 How many Easter sermons have you heard over the years? You know the story, right? When Peter saw the empty tomb he marveled. Jesus had defeated death. Reflection: How will you respond when you hear, “He is not here, but has risen”? Has the “old, old story” become routine? Do you still marvel… Read More ›

Day 26

Read Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Some 700 years before Christ came, God spoke through the prophet Isaiah about His servant, a “man of sorrows” that would bear our sin. Long before we ever existed God had a plan to save us from our sins. Reflection: What does this say about the gravity of sin and the lengths God… Read More ›

Day 25

Read Mark 14:32-42 Admit it. Have you ever fallen asleep when trying to pray? We know our weaknesses and temptations, but so does Jesus. Where we sometimes give in, Jesus fully obeyed his Father. Reflection: What does Jesus’ prayer at Gethsemane reveal about his humanity? What does it reveal about His relationship with his Father? Prayer… Read More ›

Day 24

Read 1 Peter 4:7-11 As those living in the era between the cross and Jesus’ glorious return, God’s people are to be marked by a lifestyle of love and humble service. When we live this way, God is glorified. Reflection: Why is serving others not just “the right thing for Christians to do” but good stewardship… Read More ›

Day 23

Read Psalm 32 What a blessing to know that every transgression against God is forgiven and every sin–past, present, and future–is covered by the blood of Jesus! Reflection: How do you feel when you know there is unrepentance and unconfessed sin in your life? How can you remind yourself of the joy and blessing that comes… Read More ›