Worship Ministry Auditions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be a part of the Wellspring Worship Team. The purpose of the Wellspring Worship Ministry is to utilize the musical and creative gifts and skills of the body to lead the gathered congregation in authentic corporate worship, so that God’s glory is magnified, and so that those present might be directed by the Holy Spirit toward a life of transformational discipleship in Jesus Christ.

After prayerfully considering your involvement, please contact Pastor Eric to sign up for a 30-minute audition and indicate whether you are seeking to serve as a vocalist, instrumentalist, or both. Prior to your audition please review the Wellspring Worship Ministry Covenant. If you are invited to join the team, you will be asked to sign a copy and return it.

Wellspring Worship Ministry Covenant


You will be asked to sing/play two (2) of the following songs along with members of the worship team. Chord charts are provided below for download/printing.

Vocalists: Please choose one (1) of these songs to sing the lead (melody) part on and one (1) to sing the harmony part on. This will help us evaluate both your own skill but also your ability to sing with other vocalists.

Instrumentalists: Please choose two (2) of the songs listed above. Plan to bring your own gear (drum set and keyboard are available).

  • Guitarists: Rhythm guitarists should plan to play as the primary instrument; lead guitarists should demonstrate their ability play the lead parts on a song.
  • Keyboards: Please choose one song to demonstrate your ability as the primary instrument and the other as a supportive instrument.
  • Drums/Bass guitar: Please plan to demonstrate your ability to play along with the band.

Please also come prepared to share a bit about yourself and to answer a few questions such as:

  • Tell us a bit about your relationship with Jesus Christ. How would you describe where you are on your spiritual journey?
  • Why do you want to serve on the worship team? What does “worship” mean to you?
  • Is your spouse/family supportive of you serving on this team?
  • Have you read through the Worship Team Covenant? Any questions? If asked to join, would you be in agreement?
  • What do you hope you can bring to the table as a member of the worship team?
  • How familiar are you with the worship music “style” at Wellspring? How does it fit with your own style or preferences?

It is an incredible privilege to serve in the worship ministry at Wellspring. It is our prayer that God would raise up the right men and women to serve the church at Wellspring with their musical gifts. If you have any questions about the Wellspring worship ministry or the audition process, please contact Pastor Eric.